Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Growing State

So about a month before Christmas my nails were beautiful and long. Then slowly one by one they started tearing and peeling. They were too dry I suppose, but after about 3 nails got this way, I relapsed into biting. I have been a biter since a child. The only thing that stopped this was in about August 2010 when I started getting into nail care, the neat polishes that were coming out and fussed over them so much that biting just didn't occur. I've gotten back into caring for them (now that some life stress has gone away) and they are growing again. However I've been afraid of that peeling and such occurring again. I believe I wasn't getting enough moisture. Though I drink plenty of water. So this round I'm packing 2 new guns. Vit E Cuticle Oil and Seche Vite Recondition. I'm hoping this will allow my nails to be a little more pliable and healthy. We'll see in a few months I suppose, after they've had a while to work and my nails have grown back out to this length.

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