Wednesday, September 18, 2013

iOS 7: New features with pictures

Apple's iOS 7 dropped today, so I figured a lot of people will be wondering, what all changed?
Here's a light post on the most obvious changes.

Before and after update:

What siri looks like now. Her voice has some changes. A little more human, but some words sound wrong when she speaks too.


Unlimited folder capacity now. Swipe between screens within folders. Newstand can now go in a folder, which is great news for me. I don't use this app, and though I still can't remove it, not having it staring me in the face all the time is a nice addition to iOS7.


 The camera app. Now takes photo in a square size if you want. Haven't tried HDR outside yet, doesn't do much in low light though.


 Game Center has a new look now. When you double tap the home button to close apps, you swipe up on them instead of holding until the x appears. You can preview the app's screen before opening it.


 You no longer swipe to the side for spotlight search. Now you swipe down anywhere on the screen to pull it up.


 The new notifications screen. Pull down from the time as usual, but it covers the whole screen now.


iTunes radio. Apple's answer to Pandora. Not sure how much better it works, but the add to wishlist feature seems interesting. You can turn explicit lyric songs on or off, and choose between hit songs, variety, or discovery on each station.


Any other changes you find noteworthy? How do you like the update? Let me know in the comments.